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At Krav Maga Nottingham, our objective is to teach self-protection skills that actually work; skills that empower men and women to deal effectively and efficiently with real life aggressive, confrontational, and violent situations.
Krav Maga is one of the world’s leading personal protection systems. It is at the cutting edge of modern developments in self-defence and conflict avoidance. The instructor is an ex-security professional, and one of just a few Expert Level instructors in the UK.
All the defensive tactics and techniques taught at Krav Maga Nottingham have been tried and tested under conditions of real violence: by security professionals, law enforcement officers, and military personnel throughout the world. Krav Maga Nottingham offers a combination of group classes and specialist courses.

Club Name

Krav Maga - Nottingham



Class Time:



David Stevens (and team)


Krav Maga Nottingham Academy

Venue Address

2G Little Tennis Street South


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Private Tuition?

Private tuition is available from our team of instructors. Email for details!

Free Krav Maga Lesson atKrav Maga - Nottingham

Free Krav Maga Lesson

We run special induction sessions for beginners. Visit our website - - for details

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