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Krav Maga IKM

Krav Maga IKM

Krav-Maga includes the subjects of:

  • Prevention, avoidance, escape and evasion.
  • Dealing with throws and falls to all directions and angles.
  • Attacks and counterattacks, performed to all targets, distances, ranges, heights, angles, directions and in all rhythms. Executed from all positions and postures. Use of all sorts of common objects for defensive purposes.
  • Defending all unarmed attacks: punches, strikes and kicks. Releases from all sorts of grabs and holds. Defending all armed attacks and threats of knife and sharp objects; of sticks bars and other blunt objects; of all kind of firearms.

Dealing with the above attacks when sent from all possible directions and places; When are performed by a single or multiple attackers; When occur in all possible places, positions and postures. Including in confined or open areas; in an ally, staircase, car; On all types of grounds; In water; When free or in limited space of movement; While standing, on the move, sitting down, laying down on the back, side or facing down.

Physical and mental control and disarm.

KM prepares the trainees to function in all circumstances and scenarios, in all combat and fighting environments, according to their needs, risks they are facing and job descriptions. KM enables and brings technical, tactical, physical and mental growth and improvements.

Krav-Maga contains special approaches, tactics, techniques, subjects, drills and training methods for the different sectors: Civilians of all ages, men and women, young and old, Close protection officers, Law enforcement and military.

Club Name

Warrior Sports Academy


Monday to Thursday

Class Time:



Brett Clarke


Warrior Sports Academy

Venue Address

120 Edision Cresent, Hennopspark, Centurion, Gauteng 0157




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Private Tuition?

All private lesson time slots are full at this time.

Free Krav Maga Lesson atWarrior Sports Academy

Free Krav Maga Lesson

Beginners are welcome to train 1 free trial class. The new intake of students is only on the first Tuesday of every month @ 19:30.

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